About Us

"Fresh! These boys are the future of hip hop production in Australia. Watch this space."
The Hon. Kevin Rudd, in his final address to the parliament as PM, June 23rd, 2010.

With accolades flying in from Canberra to Calcutta, these Brissie beatsmiths are about to change your perspective on hip hop, dairy products, and life in general.

Introducing...Desmond Cheese, the pungent product of a long term collaboration between two finely aged local producers, Mak |Cheese and Dr. Desmond Bagely.

Their debut LP "Fame and Fortune", an all instrumental 9 track journey through progressive hip hop and electronica, has captured the imagination of local MCs and producers alike. Their subsequent albums, "Space and Time" and "Peace & Quiet" are further ventures into the world of synth, soul and sound. With a fourth studio album on the way, the boys are on journey and hope you will come along for the ride.

We pay homage to a broad base of influences; from Zappa to Boards of Canada, from Dilla to Debussy, from Marley to Madlib. The product is constantly shifting musical landscape, where no two jams are ever the same, and each performance is created in the moment, for the moment. Get along to their next show, and bring a cow bell!